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Stylish Shoe Storage

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Shoe storage is a must have for any family.  Small houses and city living can be lacking in the coveted entry-way closet or mudroom.  This stylish Ikea Hemnes Shoe cabinet is my go to for making any entry-way neat and tidy while still having easy access to our  shoes.  This vertical storage piece has very small footprint, it is less than 12 in deep but holds a minimum of 12 pairs of adult shoes!  

I use the top shoe cabinet for my shoes and my husbands shoes, and the bottom cabinet is the low enough for my two boys to access their shoes.  

There is a small drawer on top that is perfect for odds and ends like keys, lint rollers, etc. that you would store in a entry-way closet or mudroom.  

I like this storage option so much that I have a second version by my front door!  This version is less than 9 in deep an hold at least 8 pairs of adult shoes.  

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