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Carrie Kempler 

I spent the first 15 years of my professional career coordinating and organizing medical research trials.  I have translated those skills and my love of helping others into personal organization.  

I crave order, it calms me.  I'll work collaboratively with you to to help you find that same calm.  Your house doesn't have to look like a page out of magazine to be organized. I'll help you find the systems and organizational style that works for your space.  


Let me help you get your Spaces in Order.

What people are saying


Joanna O - Chicago Loop 

Working with Carrie was such a pleasure.Our office kitchenette/working area needed to get a new soul and we wanted to get more functionality out of it.We had no idea what to do with the space. And here came Carrie. She did everything from A to Z.After an initial consultation in the office, she came up with the plan, ordered and custom made (amazing!) whatever was necessary to organize the space, installed new fixtures.  She organized the place inside and out and we love it! We highly recommend Chicago Spaces in Order.


Heather H - Lakeview 

Carrie is awesome! My linen closet was a disaster, and what I felt was a lost cause. A total mess, not enough space and just in constant disorder. Carrie came over with the cutest bins in hand and ready to tackle the project. And wow. I am so happy with the result! Not only can I find everything I need instantly I also actually have MORE space! And - she even took the things that I wanted to donate with her! She's super professional, has the best ideas and isn't afraid to tackle big or little projects. Call her today - you will be so happy you did!


Sarah J - North Center

Carrie took on a project of organizing a large basement storage area that I had been neglecting for about 7 years. In a day and half, Carrie cleared the entire area, sorted all of my stuff (lots of kitchen items, holiday, gardening, toys, etc) threw away obvious trash items and then helped me purge. She then organized all of the remaining items and put everything on shelves in labeled storage bins. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a life changing experience. It is glorious to be able to store all of my extra cooking gadgets and dishes (I love to cook) and actually be able to find them! All of my holiday gear is neatly organized and easily accessible. Carrie was quick and made completion of this overwhelming task a reality.

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Carrie Kempler


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