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Step 1: Cousultation Call - Free

The first step when working with us is to schedule a free phone consultation so you can fill us in on your organizing needs.

Step 2: Project Assessment - $120

The second step is to schedule your 60-minute on-site project assessment.

The project assessment allows us to walk your space, sit down and discuss the project process and timeline with you.  An assessment also allows us to take measurements, photos and videos of your space(s) in order to best prepare your project's estimate of the time it will take to complete your projects. 

Because every space and client, and their needs, are unique, we quote out every project to ensure you get the best value and that your space gets in order... and stays in order!

The project assessment fee is $120 and is conducted before any organizing sessions take place.

Personal Desk

Short on time, but need to get a space in order? Jumpstart organizing projects with a single session.

  • One 4-Hour Session

  • Customized Organizing Solutions

  • Product Recommendations

  • Donation/recycling recommendations

  • 1 Carload of donations for drop-off

One 4-Hour Session


Kitchen Sink

Do you have a smaller space or two in your home that drive you nuts every time you see them? Take 2-3 days or just couple of weeks to tackle the space and stuff for good.

  • 15 or 20 Hour Package

  • ​Customized Organizing Solutions

  • Product Recommendations

  • Unlimited Text/Email Access Between Sessions during Office Hours

  • 1 Carload of donations for drop-off per session

15 Hour Package Rate:

$1725 (a $75 discount)

20-Hour Package Rate:

$2200 ($200 discount)

Modern Dining Room

Life transitions and long lists of daunting

to-do’s throwing you for a loop? Break free from the burdens, and reclaim the joy with our largest package offering.

  • 30 Hour Package 

  • Customized Organizing Solutions

  • Product Recommendations

  • Unlimited Text/Email Access Between Sessions during Office Hours

  • ​Donation/recycling recommendations

  • 1 Carload of donations for drop-off per session

30-Hour Package Rate:

$3000 ($600 discount) 



Step 3: Choose Your Package

Virtual Services

The Virtual Services option includes a detailed plan and product recommendations.  It is great for the motivated DIYer, those with smaller budgets or someone who just needs a road map and some accountability to help them get the job done.


Virtual Services include: 

  • One 60-minute Zoom video session

  • Custom Space Layout

  • Step-by-Step Directions Implementation Guide

  • Curated Product Recommendations List

  • One 30-minute Follow up Zoom video session


For our loyal clientele - let us do the upkeep for you!  Once we've helped you get your spaces in order, we will return for a short maintenance visit.  This could be anything from moving and staging seasonal closet pieces, holiday put-aways to quarterly resets.

Maintenance pricing varies on size, need and timeline of an existing client space. An existing client is someone we have worked with within the last 365 days or less. 


  • Hours that exceed purchased package hours will be billed the full hourly at $120/hour unless a new package has been purchased

  • All sessions and/or packages must be Paid In Full at the end of the on-site project assessment. Fees that are an additional charge are: parking fees, shopping time, products, extensive travel time beyond 30 minutes one-way and any out-of-state travel costs (airfare, gas, mileage, hotel)

  • Travel time: All organizing sessions include 30 minutes of round-trip travel at no additional charge. Any traveling time over 30 minutes is charged in advance at 50% of the hourly rate per round trip

  • Sessions are all 4-hours, excluding the 60-minute project assessment session

  • Parking Fees: The client is responsible for any parking fee or special sticker required for the organizer to park during time of services

  • Included Supplies: Trash bags, blue painters tape, markers and basic labels via home label maker are included in all session costs

  • Supplies Not Included in Service Rates: Shopping Time, Packing Supplies, Bins, Storage Containers, Deluxe Labels, Custom-designed and cut Vinyl Labels - these are billed separately as needed/requested by client

*Clients: For a full list of our policies, please refer to the Client Service Agreement

enclosed in your Welcome Packet

Referrals are the foundation of Chicago Spaces in Order


Refer a friend who becomes a client and you will receive a $25 gift certificate.

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