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Prepping for Next Summer

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Prepping for next #summer, because saying end of summer is too hard.  As we trade beach bags for book bags here are some ways to get ahead for next summer.

Take stock of what you have.  Check expiration date on sunscreen and bug spray.  Pack away what will still be good next summer into a bin and stash at the top of your #linen #closet

Check out the #beach/#pool towel situation.  Have some seen better days?  Donate the well used towels to a local animal shelter and pick up some new towels at an end of summer sale. 

Remember one towel out, one towel in.  Store towels with the sunscreen. 


Clean out your beach bag and store it with the towels and the sunscreen.  

Round up the sand toys and run them through the dishwasher to get them sand free and ready for storage.  

Summer shoes, swim suits and summer clothing that won't fit your kids next year can be donated.  Make yourself a list of items that your kids grew out of that will need to be replaced before next summer.   

Rotate your #closets.  Move your fall/winter items to the front and you spring/summer items to the back.  Clean or dry clean any clothing that won't be worn again until next season. 

Change of seasons got you down?  A 3-hr Catch Your Breath session might be just what you need to get your excited for Fall!  Let's Chat!  

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