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Stop the Clutter Before it Starts

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Stop clutter in it's tracks by NOT bringing it into your house!  

1 ) Say no to FREEBIES!  Hotel soaps and lotions, gifts with purchase or make-up samples at the Sephora check out.  These all clutter up your bathrooms.  

2) Skip the swag bags at events and summer festivals.  Rarely do you need any of the items in the bag and usually the bag doesn't even get unpacked.  It gets shoved in a closet or buried under the seat in the car.  That is unless you are at the Oscars, DEFINITELY get that swag bag and one for me too!!

3) Stop making birthday party goodie bags!  It's the party enough?  No one's kids need another bouncy ball, plastic top or small tub of slime.  If you really can't let this tradition go then try an edible option like a themed cookie.  It only takes one family to start the no-goodie bag trend and those parents will be  HEROES!

4) Junk mail.  Admittedly it is hard to get off junk mail lists.  Once you un-enroll from say the GAP brand's mailing list you are automatically put back on when place you next order.   Tackle junk mail ASAP by taking it directly from the mailbox to the recycle bin.  

5) Think twice before you push "Purchase" on your online shopping cart.  It is so easy to make purchase from Amazon and other online retailers, too easy really.  We end up with items we don't even need.  Add the items to your cart and then take a an day to see if you still really need or want and item. Don't be rushed to purchase because of a sale.  If you really want something you should be willing to pay full price.  A sale is nice but you aren't saving money if you don't actually need something!

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