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Holiday Gifts That Don't Take Up Space

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

The holidays are a time when items that create clutter can enter our house at alarming rates.  Hostess gifts, gifts from co-workers, stocking stuffers and more all can increase the number of items in our house.  You are not the only person out there that is headed into the season with a less is more mindset.  Here are some gift ideas to help keep you in the spirit with out adding to the clutter!

Food items are always a hit but that doesn't mean it has to be cookies.  Check out your local gourmet food store and put together a basket of cheese, cured meats, olives and fancy crackers.  Add a bottle of bubbly for something extra special.  You can even find fancy nut butters and jelly for the younger crowd.  

Support a local service!  A gift certificate to a family photographer for the mom who is ALWAYS taking the pictures.  A session with a stylist who is headed back a corporate job and has spent the last 5+ years wearing athleisure.  A consult with your favorite nutrition coach for the friend who has vowed to eat right in 2019.  

Classes and activities are always a hit!  Chicago is full of great dance studios, fitness studios and sports activities.   You can can purchase a gift certificate or look for single session passes.  Cooking classes are a great option for your foodie friend!  Or check out Dabble for a wide array of classes and experiences for an adventurous friend. 

Kids activities and classes. A favorite activity for my boys in indoor skydiving at iFly, discounted passes can be purchased at Costco!!  Other activities for kids include indoor rock climbing, Ninja gyms, trampoline parks and laser tag.  

Museum Memberships!  With all the amazing museums in Chicago the cost of visiting can add up.  A membership is a great gift.  

Tickets to a show!  Tickets to the movies, local theater or a Broadway production. 


Donations in someones honor.  What a great way to honor a special person and the season by giving a donation in someones name.  There are an abundance of local and nation charities that need support. You can tailor the charity you choose to the individual honoree.    All will send a notification card to  the person honored. 

 The gift of organization makes an amazing gift too!  I can help with problem areas, edit down kitchens, closets, playrooms and more.  Less clutter means less cleaning and more time to spend with family and friends year round!  What could be better than that!  

Need help getting ready for the holidays?  Want to purchase a gift certificate for a special person?  Email me at and check out

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Dec 05, 2022

I always like to enjoy my holidays with my friends which makes it more interesting. I like this article in this regard. By the way, I am going to enjoy my holidays through

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