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What about the backslide?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Let me start by saying the backslide is totally normal and pretty inevitable.   So cut yourself some slack!!

Why do we backslide?

1) Any new habit is hard to maintain, so that alone is enough to cause a backslide. 

2) We all had those days where you have a sick kid (or a sick husband! even worse!) or a major deadline at work or a gigantic school project and all systems and routines go by the wayside. 

3) No system is perfect and may need a tweak to make it work for you.  

The key is to get back on track before the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months.  

How to get back on track

1) Recognize why you are backsliding.  Have you stopped writing down your to-do list?  Did you stop clearing the kitchen countertop each night?  Has the mail been piling up?

2) Get back in the saddle.  Get back to the systems that keep you organized.  Schedule a reset for yourself to get back on top of the things that you have let slide.  

3) Delegate.  We can't always do it all ourselves.  If you are in the weeds ask your co-workers or family to help you out. 

4 ) Schedule a professional.  Any good organizer will tell you that organizing is process not a destination.  Many organizers, including myself, offer maintenance as part of their services.   Weekly, monthly or seasonal reset buttons.  These check-ins or resets can help tweak systems to work better for you or help you refresh a pantry, closet or mudroom.  


Need help getting back on track?  Contact me and let's talk about how I can help.  

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