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5 Tips For an Organized Thanksgiving

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Don't let the Halloween sugar crash slow down your Thanksgiving preparations.  Here are some tips to help you get and stay organized for Turkey Day.

#1 Check you calendar.  Nothing is worse than forgetting an event.  Make sure your command center is up to date with all your important events.  Travel plans, guest arrivals, Friendsgiving get togethers and the all important Pumpkin Pie pick up!

#2 Take inventory.  From the pantry to the linen closet make sure you are prepared.  The holidays are a great time to clear out he pantry and restock with fresh baking and cooking items.  These bins will keep flour and sugar fresh and a new spice rack with keep your spices organized

Make sure you have enough chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans and serving dishes.  Borrow, rent or buy what you don't have. 

Tackle that linen closet.  Make sure your guest towels and linen are clean and fresh.  Check your table linens for stains and make sure you have enough linen for all your guests.  

Check hostess gifts you have have purchased and put away last year.  

#3. Plan your meal.  From appetizers to dessert.  Plan it out and list all the ingredients you need.  Take that list with you when you go to the market so you can check off your list.  Stick to your list and your plan! Check out this great Thanksgiving feast planned out by RealSimple

#4.  Traveling for the holidays?  Make a packing list.  Bring that list with you so you don't leave your favorite sweater or your child's favorite lovie behind!  Driving?  Keep essentials within reach with this car organizer or these versatile car seat headrest hooks. Flying?  Backpacks are key for navigating crowded airports with both hands free.  

#5. Need extra help?  Reach out to your friendly Chicago organizer (ME!) to help  you get your Spaces in Order so you can relax and enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving. 

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