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The Battle for Organization

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Never did I think I would use the words Nerf Gun and organization in a sentence.  But I also said in my early naive mom-to-be days that my son would never play with weapons.  Well now I'm the mom to two playful boys and my house is over-run with Nerf Guns!  So when my 8-year old said "Mom I think we need a gun rack" I got started doing some research.  I was inspired by a post from and now the boys have their very own Nerf Gun Rack.  

Before: A jumbled mess of Nerf Guns

The boys were excited that they could find all their Nerf Guns, darts, vest and belts.  I'm thrilled to have them off the floor and put away.

After! Organization ready for battle.

This pegboard  "Nerf Gun Rack" is a great use of vertical storage. Often we forget about vertical storage unless we are putting things on shelves.  This frees up the floor space for playing.  

You can make a rack of your own with a simple trip to the hardware store.  Click herefore complete directions. 

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