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Seasonal Clothing Storage

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

A change in seasons means a rotation of closets for many. Whether you are packing your clothing into storage bins, transferring them to a different closet or just pushing them to the back of the closet making sure you store them well is important.

Get Clean!

Start by making sure everything is clean. Wash or dry-clean anything that you are storing and won't be wearing until next season. Dry cleaning can get expensive at home dry cleaning kits like Dryel are great for sundresses as well as sweaters.

Get the right storage!

If you take your items to the dry cleaner make sure you remove them from the plastic before you store them. The plastic can trap moisture leading to damage and trap the chemical used for dry cleaning causing yellowing. If you want to protect your hanging items from dust and damage breathable garment bags or shoulder protectors are a great option.

If you are short on closet space bins and space saving vacuum storage bags are great ways to store you clothing. I always try to choose a bin with locking lid to prevent keep everything inside safe and dry, especially if you are storing clothing in a basement. Both options are great for bulky items, however I would not store anything delicate in a vacuum storage bag.

Keep the bugs out!

Keep the moths and other insects at bay with cedar. You can find cedar balls, sachets and hanging pieces for all your storage need.

Clean, Cool, Dark and Dry!

These are the ideal conditions for any type of storage. Avoid storing clothing near the basement furnace, away from direct sunlight which will fade clothing, dry to prevent mildew and insects.

Need help transitioning your wardrobe? Let's chat!

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