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20 Easy Things to Let Go

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Maximum gain, minimal effort! 20 no brainer items you can toss or recycle! Grab a box or bag and get going!

1) Stained, ripped or damaged clothing (recycle at H&M)

2) Old electronics, cords, VHS tape (recycle at Best Buy)

3) Wire hangers (return to your dry-cleaners)

4) Plastic grocery store bags (recycle at Trader Joe's or Target)

5) Old/expired food (compost or toss)

6) Any toy that came in a party favor bag

7) Excess craft supplies (recycle with Upcycle Colors or the WasteShed)

8) Expired Medication

9) Dishware that is chipped, cracked or damaged

10) User manuals that can easily be found online (recycle)

11) Socks with no mate (recycle at H&M)

12) Expired beauty products, lotions and sunscreen

13) Free samples and swag that you won't used

14) Old magazines and newspapers (recycle)

15) Books you've already read that someone else could enjoy (take them to a Little Free Library)

16) Food storage containers with missing mates

17) Dried up markers and pens, pencils with worn out erasers

18) Cleaning products you no longer use

19) Junk mail (unsubscribe at

20) Gifts that you don't like (don't keep things out of guilt)

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