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Organized for Emergencies

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

September is National Preparedness Month and a great time to think ahead and make sure your family is organized for emergencies.  

Emergency Contact Card

Who now a days had all their important numbers memorized or even written down?  We rely on cell phone but what do we do when it dies or if it gets lost in an emergency.  Type up (and laminate for extra credit) a business card size card that contains all the important phone numbers and any medical information that would be needed in an emergency.  Important numbers include phone numbers for all family members, doctors, veterinarian, schools, work.  

Preparing your House for an Emergency

Tornadoes and big snow and rain storms can easily knock out the power to Chicago homes.   Put together an emergency bins to help keep your family safe, feed and entertained.   A battery powered lantern or flashlight for when the power is out.  Ditch the candles that could accidentally lead to a fire!  A crank radio to keep you informed. You can even get one that will help power your cell phone!  Safety also includes any hygiene and medication your family members might need.   Include water and shelf-stable food supplies for three days.  To keep your kids entertained and you more sane you can include a deck of cards, play-doh and some coloring books and crayons. 

Want more information on how to prepare for emergencies around the country, check out Ready.govContact me if  you need more help getting your family prepared!

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