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Hidden in Plain Sight

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Over the door organizers are one of my favorite tools to keep frequently used items within reach but  easily hidden out of site.  

This clear pocket organizer has been a staple in my house for years! Located in a central part of our house it serves as an office for essential frequently used items.  The bottom "zone" has easy access school and office supplies.  Great for when we are doing homework at the kitchen counter or when I am in need of a pen to quickly sign a permission slip as we are walking out the door in the morning.  

The middle "zone" has an array of tools such as screw drivers (I have two boys), flashlights and tape measures, a spot for first aid (again two boys) and a pocket for corralling extra charging cords. 

The upper zone has items used primarily by me, the label maker (of course!), camera, binoculars for sporting events, address stamper, my stash of Versa Chalk and a lint brush for quick touch-ups on the way out the door.  

Over the door shoe racks are inexpensive ways to keep your house organized and clutter free.  Simply close the door and no one knows it is even there!

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