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End of School Overload

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

The school year is coming to the end and schedules are on overload.  In just a few more days or weeks your children will be coming home from their last day of school overloaded with art projects, paperwork and partially used school supplies.  Here is a plan to keep you from feeling overloaded.  

Artwork, Projects, etc.

Step 1: Don't unpack the backpack until you are ready to tackle what is inside.

Step 2: Gather supplies (including a glass of wine).  A hanging file box and folders are a great way to organized memories by year.  Don't forget to sort all the art/papers/projects that came home earlier in the year.  You only want to sort once!

Step 3: Pull out a few examples of your child's best work.  If the date isn't already print on the art project I suggest adding a general date like "Kindergarten 2017-2018". 

Step 4: Store the file box in your child's closet.  Once the memory box is set up it is easy to add additional items each year.  

Partially Used School Supplies

While it's tempting to toss partially used supplies or just dump them in the craft bins your already have consider upcycling or recycling.  

Upcycling colors collects leftover/used art, craft and school supplies.  They recondition items for schools in need. There are 4 convenient drop off locations in Chicago.

Get your school involved with the ColorCycle program and you can keep used up markers from ending up in the landfill.  

Empty out binders, recycle the contents and save the binder for next year.  Partially used spiral notebooks can be saved for scrap paper.  

School supply list for next year

At our school the list for the next year comes home at the end of the school year.  I like to snap a picture of the list so it's on my phone and always available when I'm at Target.  

Feeling overloaded?  I can help!  Contact me for a quick chat about the services offered by Chicago Spaces in Order.  

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