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An Organized Summer

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Spring time is short in Chicago and summer is just around the corner.  It is way easier to enjoy the summer when you are organized.  Here are my top 5 tips for a FUN and organized summer.

1) Pack a bag and keep it packed.  

Who doesn't love spontaneous trips to the beach or pool?  The person that is never prepared.  Organization and preparation go hand and hand.  Pack and beach or pool bag and keep it packed.  It should contain the essentials like suncreen, hats, sunglasses, towels, swim suits and a little cash for the ice cream man.  After a day of activities wash towel and suits and put them right back into the bag for next time.  Store sand or pool toys in the car. Now you are beach ready at a moments notice! 

***Tip: Baby powder on sandy feet makes the sand slide right off***

2) Stock-up on essentials.  Nothing ruins a summer day like a sunburn OR running out of ice cream (or rosé).  Buy sunscreen in multiples.  They have a way of disappearing at the pool or running out at inopportune times. Stock-up at Costco on frozen treats (and rosé) so you can always been the cool mom on the block.   Keep a caddy stocked with biodegradable cutlery and paper plates for entertaining a crowd.  

3) Got a kid going off to sleep away camp?  Label, label, label.  There are so many great options from Mabel's labels and Avery labels to Sharpies.  

4) Summer Day Camp doesn't mean a vacation from packing lunch.  I'm a firm believer in planning ahead to stay cool.   Instead of making a couple of sandwiches each day make a big batch and freeze them.  Take what you need out the night before and you are ready for the next day. 

5) Staying hydrated is so important in the summer but no one likes to drink warm water.  Fill a plastic water bottle 1/2 way and put it in the freezer overnight.  The next morning top of the water bottle with more cold water.  The frozen part will slowly melt throughout the day keeping your camper COOL!!

Still need to spring clean?  Check out April's blog post!

Need more help getting ready for Summer?  Let's chat about how I can help!

**Beach photo by Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

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