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Take Command Part II

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

 Once you have command of your schedule using the family calendar I blogged about a couple of weeks ago (missed it? click here) the next step is to get command of all the papers that come into your house.  Whether it is from school or arrives in the mailbox if you don't have a system to organize the paper it will quickly get overwhelming.  When I say system I don't mean some fancy or elaborate or expensive wall organizer with crazy pockets and bins.  I mean a systematic way that you tackle that paper on a daily (or almost) basis.  

I like to use a regular old bulletin board to organize the mass of paperwork that comes home from school and other outside activities.  Each child has a spot on the board.  It very hand for putting permission slips, homework assignments and other important paperwork.  I go through the backpack folders nightly and recycle what I can, no need to save every worksheet or drawing, and put on the board what is important.  

The bulletin board is also the go to spot for our chore wheel, coupons, and other important information.  It's great to have everything I need all is one spot. 

I've also put bulletin boards in each boy's room.  It gives them a space to put items and artwork that are important to them.  

Mail arrives daily so let's deal with it daily.  Instead of dumping it in a pile do a quick sort.  Magazines go to the coffee table to be read later, junk and catalogs immediately go into the recycle bin, bills or anything else important goes in a designated place to be opened and handled later.  

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