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An Organizer Hires a Stylist

Recently I meet for coffee with an amazing Chicago Stylist, Annie Frances.    I've always been interested in Personal Styling as it has some overlap with Professional Organizing,  but this time the interest was also personal.  Like most of you getting dressed each morning looked something like this, stare blankly into my closet, feel like I have nothing to wear, resort to a less than stylish "uniform" or throw on some athleisure wear. 

As most of us know, we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.  When I'm not wearing the same 20% of my clothing I'm out shopping in search of that one item that is going to make me stylish.  I purchase a couple new items every season, some fall into the regular rotation, many sit in my closet unworn.  Either I don't have something to wear with it or I don't feel comfortable wearing it.  So it's a vicious cycle buy new clothing and donate last years clothing (because I hate a cluttered closet) and still feeling like I have nothing to wear! 

I needed some real style, style that was my own, but wasn't sure how to get there.  That's wear Annie comes in! Annie is lovely, warm and easy to talk with and has great advice.  She came to my house and after a couple minutes discussing my measurements, my goals, my style (or lack there of), I let her loose in my closet.  

Annie looking through my closet

About an hour of so later Annie with her amazing eye for style made 30+ outfits out of what I already own.  Combinations that I would never have thought of and they all look great!  And the best part is I purchased NOTHING!  Shopping is a service that Annie provides, which is great for anyone pressed for time or needs asssistance shopping for a special occasion or vacation.  

Annie in action putting together an outfit

After my session I received a custom app containing pictures of all the outfits that Annie styled for me.  Not only did it show new outfit combinations but has shoe and accessory suggestions that have really helped me up my wardrobe game.  I often don't take the time to add accessories but I can now see how the right accessory can really take an outfit up a notch.  Which in turn helps me feel more confident! 

 I'm already looking forward to working with Annie this fall for my fall/winter wardrobe!  

Follow Annie on Instagram or get your own personalized style app by contacting Annie here!  

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